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Booda Butter (2.3 oz Tin)
100% Pure Daily Moisturizer

Prepare to be enlightened by the perfect combination of simple, gentle yet powerful ingredients found only in nature. Booda Butter’s deep, long-lasting moisture will calm & nourish your skin... leaving you in a state of pure bliss!

INGREDIENTS: Organic Shea Butter, Fair Trade Cocoa Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil* & Olive Oil* (*Organic & Unrefined).

• Certified USDA Organic by Washington State Dept. of Agriculture
• NO Soy, Bee, Dairy or Gluten Ingredients!
• Cruelty-Free. No Animal Testing.
• Certified Vegan

Naturally Occurring, Subtle Chocolate Aroma



made using NO chemicals, fragrances, toxins, preservatives, additives, parabens, alcohol, petroleum, fillers, emulsifiers or anything else undesired for your greatest health!

APPLICATION: Briefly rub between your palms to melt and spread the love from head to toe & as often as desired! Try using BOODA BUTTER after bathing as it more easily penetrates warm open pores and seals in moisture. Please enjoy! (For external use only)
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Soothes even the most sensitive & irritable skin!*
  • Increase moisture, elasticity and softness
• Decrease signs of aging and over exposure
• Radiate with a smooth, even-textured glow
• Restore health, youthfulness and natural beauty
• Nourish skin with vitamins, minerals & fatty-acids
• Strengthen underlying and connective tissues
• Encourage healing with reduced scarring
• Protect from free radicals and UV rays

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.
This product is not intented to prevent, cure or reverse any disease.

Booda Butter is made without any wax or emulsifiers because it is food for your skin! So please note that much like a bar of chocolate, it will melt when heated and harden when cooled. Although such changes in temperature may alter Booda Butter’s desired creamy texture, the powerful healing properties will remain.
Please Store at Room Temp.
(or below 80°)

Booda Butter is made by hand in small batches without any emulsifiers, therefore, slight inconsistencies between batches is normal and will produce the same results. The integrity of this product is very important to Booda, therefore he promises to always use pure, organic ingredients for your greatest health!

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